2009 Royal Entomological Society Meeting & Symposium

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2009 Royal Entomological Society Meeting & Symposium

Postby caseybergman » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:33 pm

Royal Entomological Society Annual Meeting and International Symposium

Sheffield, UK, July 15-17 2009

International Symposium on Insect Infection and Immunity: Evolution, Ecology and Mechanisms

The symposium, organized by Stuart Reynolds (Bath, UK) and Jens Rolff (Sheffield, UK) will consist of three plenary sessions running in the morning of each day. Speakers include:

Bruno Lemaitre (EPF Lausanne, CH)
Mike Kanost (Kansas State University, USA)
David Schneider (Stanford University, USA)
George Dimopoulos (John Hopkins Malaria Research Institute, USA)
Fotis Kafatos (Imperial College, UK)
Greg Hurst (University of Liverpool, UK)
Jean-Michel Drezen (University of Tours, France)
Jean Luc Imler (Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg, France)
Jacob Koella (Imperial College, UK)
Shelley Adamo (Dalhousie, Canada)
Lex Kraaijeveld (University of Southampton, UK)
Brian Lazzaro (Cornell University, USA)
Paul Schmid-Hempel (ETH Zurich, CH)
Mike Siva-Jothy (University of Sheffield, UK)

Royal Entomological Society Annual Meeting

The afternoons, organized by Klaus Reinhardt, Roger Butlin and Mike Siva-Jothy (all Sheffield, UK), will see thematic sessions with the opportunity to contribute talks and posters on:

Insect Immunity (chair P Ligoxygakis, Oxford)

Comparative Genomics (chair Casey Bergman, Manchester)
Invited Speaker: Jack Werren, Rochester, USA

General Entomology (chair Mike Siva-Jothy, Sheffield)
Stanislav Gorb, Kiel, Germany
Paul Buckland, Sheffield, UK

Predation (chair Dirk Mikolajewski, Sheffield)
Johanna Mappes, Jyvaskyla, Finland
Robby Stoks Leuven, Belgium

Range Expansion (chair Janis Antonovics Virginia/Sheffield)
Jane Hill, York, UK
Rosa Menendes, Lancaster, UK

Chemical Ecology (chair Stephen Martin, Sheffield)

The conference dinner will be in a Victorian museum and preceded by a Plenary Talk by Naomi Pierce from Harvard.

The Society offers excellent support for students: students can apply for support of up to 50% of all costs (travel, accommodation, registration). Also, as conference dinners are very good networking opportunities, the dinner is only £15 for students. Early application is strongly recommended. Applications must be made by letter or email (bill[at]royensoc.co.uk) to the Registrar at the RES office and the deadline for receipt is 1st May 2009.

Daytime childcare is available on request (childcare.ento2009[at]sheffield.ac.uk).

For more information see:
General questions: Vi Nguyen ento2009[at]sheffield.ac.uk. Kirsty Whiteford kirsty[at]royensoc.co.uk
Scientific programme: Klaus Reinhardt: ento2009[at]sheffield.ac.uk
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