Post Doc – Stress signaling, Stem cells and Aging in Drosoph

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Post Doc – Stress signaling, Stem cells and Aging in Drosoph

Postby hjasper » Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:03 pm

Post Doc – Stress signaling, Stem cells and Aging in Drosophila

Jasper lab, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

A postdoctoral position is available in Henri Jasper’s group at the Biology Department of the University of Rochester ( to study signaling mechanisms that govern physiological processes influencing aging, including apoptosis, metabolism and regeneration.
Work in the lab focuses on the JNK stress signaling pathway and its interactions with growth and survival pathways, such as Insulin signaling. Our current projects (funded by the NIH and Ellison Medical Foundation) study:

(i) Endocrine interactions between adipose tissue and insulin producing cells that control metabolic adaptation to environmental challenges;

(ii) Signaling networks governing the decision between cell death and repair/survival in response to genotoxic stress;

(iii) Control of regeneration by stress signaling in somatic stem cells and loss of tissue homeostasis in aging animals.

See the following references for examples of recent work in the lab:
Biteau, B., Hochmuth, C.E., Jasper, H. (2008). JNK activity in somatic stem cells causes loss of tissue homeostasis in the aging Drosophila gut. Cell Stem Cell 3: 442-455.
Damgaard-Nielsen, M., Luo, X., Biteau, B., Syverson, K., Jasper, H. (2008). 14-3-3e antagonizes Foxo to control growth, stress tolerance and longevity in Drosophila. Aging Cell 7: 688 - 699.
Luo, X., Puig, O., Hyun, J., Bohmann, D., Jasper, H. (2007) “Foxo and Fos regulate the decision between cell death and survival in response to UV irradiation.” EMBO Journal 26:380.
Wang, M.C., Bohmann, D. & Jasper, H. (2005). “JNK extends lifespan and limits growth by antagonizing cellular and organism-wide responses to Insulin signaling.” Cell, 121: 115-125.

Enthusiastic applicants with experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and/or Drosophila genetics are welcome.

The University of Rochester ( offers a stimulating academic environment with outstanding international research programs in biomedical sciences, ranging from biochemistry and molecular biology to developmental biology, disease models and the genetics of aging.

To apply, please contact Henri Jasper:
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