Postdoc and Technician -Neural Stem Cells and Cancers

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Postdoc and Technician -Neural Stem Cells and Cancers

Postby gmswh » Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:17 am

Fruit fly Drosophila neural stem cells, larval brain neuroblasts, has recently emerged as an excellent model for the study of stem cell self-renewal and tumorigenesis. The balance between self-renewal and differentiation are achieved by asymmetric division of neuroblasts, Drosophila neural stem cells. Defects in asymmetric cell division can results in the imbalance that leads to brain tumor formation. We are interested in studying the molecular mechanism of asymmetric division of neuroblasts and the balance of self-renewal and differentiation. We use a combination of genetics, cell biology and biochemical approaches to study the functions of critical brain tumor suppressors. The lab environment is stimulating and encouraging. Singapore is one of the best places in the world for working, living and it is exotic throughout the year.

Representative publications:
Wang H, Ouyang Y, Somers GW, Chia W and Lu B. Polo inhibits neural progenitor self-renewal and regulates Numb asymmetry by phosphorylating Pon. Nature 449, 96-100 (2007)
Wang H, Somers GW, Bashirullah A, Heberlein U, Yu F and Chia W. Aurora-A acts as a tumor suppressor and regulates self-renewal of Drosophila neuroblasts. Genes and Development, 20:3453-63 (2006).
Wang H, Ng KH, Qian H, Siderovski DP, Chia W and Yu F. RIC-8 controls Drosophila neural progenitor asymmetric division by regulating heterotrimeric G proteins. Nature Cell Biology 7:1091-1098 (2005).

The lab website is as follow: ... ngyan.html

Applicants should have a background in cell Biology, developmental biology or Biochemistry. Previous experience with Drosophila genetics is desirable, although not essential. For Post-doc candidates, a Ph.D and/or M.D. is required and competitive salary/bonus and housing allowance will be provided for a three-year contract. CV and 3 reference letters should be sent to the following address or email.

Hongyan Wang, Ph.D.
Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore
2 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 169547
Republic of Singapore
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