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D. melanogaster
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Sxl << bk1 << e(olfC) << bk2 << dec-1

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Limits of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0033204) Limits of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0025084)

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    Homozygous embryos have normal gut morphology.

    Weak second site non-complementing phenotype with zipEbr and zipmhc-c6.1 : malformed phenotype penetrance 10-24%.

    Midgut development of mutant embryos is wild type.

    Salivary glands are reduced in size in homozygous embryos. Malpighian tubule material is not elongated.

    Heterozygosity for this deletion has no effect on the mutant ovarian phenotype of ovoD2.

    Embryos hemizygous for Df(1)ct-J4 and Df(1)ct4b1 were examined with polarised light microscopy and antibody staining: muscle pattern incomplete due to muscle absences.

    Homozygous embryos lack Malpighian tubules and the gut wall is 3--4 fold thicker than wild type at the junction of the posterior and anterior midgut.

    Lethal male embryos show incomplete condensation of the ventral nerve cord <up>Campos-Ortega and Jimenez, 1979, Development and Neurobiology of Drosophila (Siddiqi, Babu, Hall and Hall, eds.). Plenum Press, New York and London, pp. 201-22</up>. Heterozygotes with wild-type or balancer X chromosomes show thoracic protuberances <up>100% penetrance and variable expression (Voelker and Wisely, 1982, D. I. S. 58: 150-51)</up>.

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    T.K. Johnson.

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