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General Information
D. melanogaster
Deficiency (2R) twist
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Df(2R)twiS60, Df(2R)S60, twiS60, Df(1)S60
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bk1 << twi << bk2

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All limits from polytene analysis (citation unavailable)

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    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations

    Inferred to overlap with: Df(2R)WI3117.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    In twi, sna double mutant embryos the primordial germ cells exit the gut primordium relatively normally and migrate dorsally towards the surface of the pocket which would normally appose the mesoderm.

    Patches of wild type cells injected into a twi,sna double mutant embryos undergo typical ventral shape changes, nuclear movements and apical constrictions, as long as they are in a region that would normally be occupied by prospective mesoderm.

    Embryos mutant for both sna and twi do not form an anterior midgut or a stomodeum.

    Defective in gonad assembly when in double mutant combination with sna.

    Homozygous females lay dorsalised eggs.

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    Notes on Origin

    P. Simpson.

    Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
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