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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Feature type
Computed Breakpoints include


Deleted Segment
Sequence coordinates
3L:2,674,593..2,959,579 (Df(3L)M21:bk1)
3L:3,220,911..3,336,860 (Df(3L)M21:bk2)
Member of large scale dataset(s)
Nature of Aberration
Cytological Order
Class of aberration (relative to wild type)
Class of aberration (relative to progenitor)
Causes alleles
Carries alleles
Transposon Insertions
Formalized genetic data

msn << bk1 << rasp << bk2 << l(3)09143

Genetic mapping information

The 3L:2674593..2959579 release 6 coordinates of the left breakpoint are estimates. The left extent corresponds to the estimated position of the left end of 62F1, because the reported polytene cytology indicates the breakpoint lies within subdivision 62F. The right extent corresponds to the right end of Shab, which published results say is deleted.

The 3L:3220911..3336860 release 6 coordinates of the right breakpoint are estimates. The left extent corresponds to the left end of RpL28, the haploinsufficient gene responsible for the Minute phenotypes seen in heterozygotes. The right extent corresponds to the left end of kst, which published results say is not deleted.

This deletion removes a single ribosomal protein-coding gene (though other genes are also removed).

Comments on Cytology

Limits of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0054184) Left limit of break 2 from inclusion of l(3)01029 (FBrf0067338) Right limit of break 2 from non-inclusion of l(3)09143 (FBrf0067338)

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Phenotypic Data
In combination with other aberrations

Lethal when heterozygous with Df(3L)HR218.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Flies heterozygous for the deletion show a Minute bristle phenotype.

Df(3L)M21 embryos have disrupted tracheal branches.

Wild-type clones made in the ovaries of a mutant female, are significantly larger than clones of heterozygous mutant cells. This size difference is greater in clones initiated at 48 hours after egg laying (AEL) than 2 hours AEL.

Dominantly suppresses the KrIf-1/+ eye phenotype.

Weak second site non-complementing phenotype with zipEbr and zipmhc-c6.1 : malformed phenotype penetrance 10-24%.

Has no effect on phl::tor12D.hs.sev when heterozygous with wild type.

Deficient embryos show a variably penetrant mutant midgut phenotype: constrictions absent.

Mutants exhibit a Minute phenotype: weak female fertility.

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