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D. melanogaster
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Formalized genetic data

Hsc70Cb << bk1 << l(3)LG12 << Mpcp << bk2

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Comments on Cytology

Left limit of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0075380) Right limit of break 1 from inclusion of D (FBrf0056113) Left limit of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0076124) Right limit of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0090707)

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Phenotypic Data
In combination with other aberrations

Df(3L)D-1rv16/Df(3L)fz-GS1a embryos exhibit variable segmentation defects: deletions removing half of the segments, weaker partial deletions and segment fusions. Embryos also exhibit variable defects in head development.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Heterozygotes show disrupted hygrosensing behaviour; a higher fraction of flies choose moist air (100% humidity) over dry air (0% humidity) compared to wild-type controls in a hygrosensory behaviour assay after five minutes.

Dominantly causes tergite defects in less than 50% of run3 heterozygotes.

Heterozygosity for this deletion has no effect on the mutant ovarian phenotype of ovoD2.

No, or little, enhancement of Pc

Homozygous embryos show transformation of the first abdominal segment to a more posterior segment. Asx1/+ ; Df(3L)fz-GS1a embryos completely lack the head, thorax and ventral denticle belts.

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"70D2;70E7" was stated as revision.

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