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D. melanogaster
Deficiency (3R) Delta
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Df(3R)DlX43, DlX43, DysKX43
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bk1 << l(3)91Fa << Dl << bk2

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Limits of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0046377) Limits of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0048201)

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In combination with other aberrations

Df(3R)Exel6184/Df(3R)Dl-X43 flies show defects in cardiac function at both 1 and 5 weeks of age (systolic diameter is increased and fractional shortening is decreased compared to wild type).

Df(3R)Dl-X43/Df(3R)Exel6184 flies (in which most Dys isoforms are absent) have a significantly shorter lifespan than wild-type controls, while single heterozygotes show a moderate lifespan reduction.

Df(3R)Dl-X43/Df(3R)Exel6184 flies develop age-dependent abnormalities in the heart muscle throughout adult life, with increasingly disorganized myocardial myofibrils and gaps. With age, flies exhibit shorter diastolic intervals, resulting in increased heart rates and fewer asystoles, and produce a more regular heartbeat than wild-type controls.

Expressing Mmus\DmdDp116.UAS under the control of Scer\GAL4how-24B rescues the increased systolic diameter and reduced fractional shortening of the heart wall in Df(3R)Dl-X43/Df(3R)Exel6184 adult flies.

Throughout their adult life, Df(3R)Dl-X43/Df(3R)Exel6184 flies have a significantly wider diastolic and systolic diameter, accompanied by a reduced fractional shortening compared to controls, while single heterozygotes show increased diameter phenotypes without a reduction in fractional shortening.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Df(3R)Dl-X43/+ mutant third instar larval eye discs do not show disrupted neuronal projections from photoreceptor neurons to the brain optic lobes.

Small effect on the Brd1 and Brd3 bristle multiplication phenotype.

Transheterozygotes with sng- mutations are viable and phenotypically wild type.

Heterozygotes with Dlvi1 display an enhancement of the embryonic phenotype.

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