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D. melanogaster
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Hsp70Aa << bk1 << mfas << kar << bk2 << l(3)j2C3

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Ref: Caggese et al., 1979, Proc. natn. Acad. Sci. USA. 76: 2385--2389.

Left limit of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0036541) Right limit of break 1 from inclusion of Hsp70Ab (FBrf0039297) Limits of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0080055)

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Heterozygotes with Df(3R)T-47 exhibit normal development of the CNS midline cells, VUM neuron axons and tracheal system. The CNS axon scaffold is mutant in some embryos, embryos show a disorganisation of axons with poorly separated commissures. In combination with Abl1 mutants exhibit severe axonal defects in which the longitudinals and commissures are thin or absent. Axons are disorganised and bulging.

NOT in combination with other aberrations
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Obtained in the same set of experiments as Df(3R)kar-D2 and appears to be identical to it, the separate designation is presumably due to a stocking error.

Deficiency for the 87C puff and retains the 87A puff.

Two deficiencies <up>Df(3R)kar-D1 and Df(3R)kar-D2</up> thought to be identical and listed separately through stock error according to FBrf0033817 (Caggese et al., 1979, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 76: 2385--2389).

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