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General Information
D. melanogaster
Deficiency (3R) stubbloid
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Formalized genetic data

srp << bk1 << l(3)89Br << l(3)89Bt << bk2 << Abd-B

Genetic mapping information
Comments on Cytology

Band 89B13 may be missing.

All limits from polytene analysis (FBrf0031288)

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Completely duplicated
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    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations

    Df(3R)sbd45 dominantly enhances the transformation of arista to leg phenotype seen in Df(2R)Dll-MP heterozygotes.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    Df(3R)sbd45 homozygous embryos show gross midgut primordium abnormalities already starting at stage 12, as compared to controls.

    The small intestine forms normally in Df(3R)sbd45 mutants.

    Homozygous embryos show incomplete germband retraction, resulting in distortion of the whole body.

    The Df(3R)sbd45 chromosome does not act as a dominant suppressor of telomeric silencing (assayed using the effect of the chromosome on the eye colour phenotype of flies carrying "P{wvar}KR3-2", a stable "brown-red" variant of the P{3'WP-2,wvar}2Lt insertion).

    Allelic series according to the extent of the dorsal hole: pnr1 > Df(3R)sbd45 = pnrVX6 = pnrVP8 = pnrD1 > pnrD3.

    Lethal as homozygote.

    Homozygous lethal.

    Heterozygotes with In(3R)sbd17 viable and sbd; heterozygotes with sbd32 lethal with adult escapers that are sbd

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