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General Information
D. melanogaster
Duplication (1;1) Bar
FlyBase ID
Feature type
Sequence coordinates
X:17,334,493..17,334,493 (Dp(1;1)B:bk1)
X:17,537,969..17,537,969 (Dp(1;1)B:bk2)
Member of large scale dataset(s)
Nature of Aberration
Cytological Order
Class of aberration (relative to wild type)
Class of aberration (relative to progenitor)


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Transposon Insertions
Formalized genetic data

bk1 << B << bk2

Genetic mapping information

FlyBase curator comment: genomic coordinate updated from release 5 coordinate ( X:17 ,432,002) given in paper.

This Dp(1;1)B breakpoint lies in an intergenic region downstream of B-H2 and upstream of B-H1, and contains a roo element in the 5' to 3' orientation. FlyBase curator comment: genomic coordinate updated from release 5 coordinate ( X:17 ,228,526) given in paper.

Dp(1;1)B carries B-H1 (but not B-H2), together with an additional 7 other genes.

A roo-element insertion at the 16A7 breakpoint.

Comments on Cytology

All limits from polytene analysis (FBrf0005979)

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Position-effect apparently resulting from juxtaposition of 16A1 with 16A7, which may undergo mutation to less extreme forms (e.g., Bi). Produces normal and triplicated Dp(1;1;1)BB products by unequal crossing over.

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Notes on Origin

Tice, Feb. 1913.

Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
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Duplication (1;1) Bar
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