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D. melanogaster
Inversion (1) scute-4 Left scute-8 Right
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Deficient for the middle 3/4 of X basal heterochromatin, including bb, and inverted for most of the euchromatin.

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    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations

    Weakly fertile when in combination with Dp(1;Y)mal+.

    In(1)sc4sc8/T(Y;A) male sterile (McKee and Lindsley, 1987) In(1)sc4sc8/mal+Y male sterile (McKee and Lindsley, 1987)

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    In(1)sc4sc8/Ybb+ males and heterozygous In(1)sc4sc8 females have one NO (on the Y and on the normal X) and show a bb+ phenotype. In(1)sc4sc8/Ybb- males and X0 males carrying In(1)sc4sc8 are lethal. Magnification or increase in rDNA multiplicity may take place in In(1)sc4sc8/Ybb males, changing their phenotype from bb to bb+ (Tartof, 1971, 1973; Malva et al., 1972). In(1)sc4sc8/Y males frequently show correlated meiotic drive and nondisjunction (Peacock, 1965; Peacock et al., 1975), resulting in the recovery of more nullo than In(1)sc4sc8/Y gametes and more sc4sc8 than Y gametes. Distorted ratios result from sperm dysfunction which is proportional to the chromosome content of the nucleus (McKee, 1984, Genetics 106: 403-22). The extent of these meiotic irregularities is dependent on Y chromosome(s) present (Peacock et al., 1965) and the temperature at which meiosis occurs (Zimmering, 1963).

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    Exhibit Zhr phenotype and produce viable hybrid females from a cross between D.melanogaster males and D.sechellia females. Paternal non-disjunction produced viable X0 hybrid males at a low frequency.

    In(1)sc4Lsc8R allows survival of hhb.PP females.

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    Inversion (1) scute-4 Left scute-8 Right
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