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General Information
D. melanogaster
Inversion (1) scute-8 Left scute-4 Right
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Df(1)sc8Lsc4R, In(1)sc8Lsc4R
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Deleted for 21 kb in y - sc (Carramolino et al., 1982)

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Duplicated for the NO.

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Phenotypic Data
In combination with other aberrations

In(1)sc8Lsc4R/+ female often has crippled legs.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

10-15% of hemizygous males emerge from the pupal case. The number of bristles on the proboscis is reduced to 21 +/- 2. S-type and P-type bristles are unaffected, while some M-type and L-type bristles are missing. The labial disc lacks 10 sensory mother cells that are normally generated in the first two waves of specification.

Hemizygous males show an almost complete loss of tergite chaetae.

Eliminates ac expression from the notal clusters from which the sc dependent bristles arise.

In heterozygous females the deletion acts as a dominant suppressor of emc but not of h.

homozygous female lethal Male survives rarely and is extreme sc and slight ac (Garcia-Bellido, 1979). Remains immobile after hatching.

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50-89% of In(1)sc8Lsc4R/+ adults lack upper humeral bristles.

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Inversion (1) scute-8 Left scute-4 Right
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