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D. melanogaster
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M-5, Muller-5
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In(1)scS1Lsc8R and derivatives carrying this inversion carry two copies of the sc transcription unit, but neither copy is expressed normally, so flies have incompletely penetrant missing or duplicated macrochaetae phenotypes. In other words, the combination of the scS1 and sc8 alleles on the same chromosome produces mutant phenotypes.

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Df(1)N55l/In(1)scS1Lsc8R+S flies show medium notching of the wings.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Male viable Male fertile Female viable Female fertile X0 male poorly viable Suppresses crossing over in X, but less so than In(1)scS1Lsc8R+dl-49, since In(1)S = In(1)6A1-3;10F10-11A1 is less effective than In(1)dl-49 = In(1)4D7-E1;11F2-4.

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Shows position-effect variegation for an unidentified l(1) "Shows position-effect variegation for an unidentified l(1)" was stated as tentative. Routinely used in the detection of sex-linked recessive lethals.

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