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D. melanogaster
Inversion (1) yellow-3 of Patterson Left scute-8 Right
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Deletes sequences encoding transcripts T5 and T6. Deficient for 25.5kb of DNA from ac-sc region (Campuzano et al., 1985)

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    In combination with other aberrations

    In(1)y3PLsc8R/Dp(1;Y)y+ embryos develop MP2 neuroblast normally.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    In In(1)y3PLsc8R homozygous embryos, a neural precursor forms the position of the MP2 cluster in wild-type 17% of the time. Roughly half of these precursors exhibit MP2-specific traits while the other half exhibit traits characteristic of other neural precursors specification of MP2.

    Wing discs lack most sensory organ precursors.

    The rare posterior supraalar bristles that form in In(1)y3PLsc8R flies have normal axonal projections.

    Homozygous embryos lack the MP2 neuroblast precursor. Scer\GAL4rho.PL mediated expression of P{UAS-ac} and P{UAS-sc.P} completely restores the development of a genuine MP2 neuroblast, expression of P{UAS-ase.P} and P{UAS-l'sc} partially restores development of a MP2 neuroblast and P{UAS-ato.P} produces a transformation phenotype, dMP2 transform to vMP2 identity.

    Homozygous embryos exhibit a decrease in MP2 formation due to change in MP2 identity, not a block in differentiation. MP2 formation can be rescued by expression of P{ac} or Scer\GAL4sca-4512 mediated expression of scUAS.cHa, but not rescued by expression of l(1)scUAS.cCa.

    25% of glia are absent in the adult wing, compared to 50% being absent in the ac,sc double mutant, Df(1)sc10-1.

    Hemizygotes show an extreme ac phenotype with respect to sensory structures on the thorax. Three of the four I-type bristles are absent from the labellum. In addition, a set of 4 or 5 additional bristles are found between the P-type and the lateral L/I-type row.

    Medial neuroblast MP2 or row B forms approximately 14% of the time, whereas the lateral neuroblast 3-5 forms less than 50% of the time.

    Hemizygous males show a very weak loss of tergite chaetae (fourth hemitergite analysed).

    Homozygous viable.

    In heterozygous females the deletion acts as a dominant suppressor of h but not of emc.

    Male viable.

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    Completely removes ac and the enhancers that drive sc expression.

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    Inversion (1) yellow-3 of Patterson Left scute-8 Right
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