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D. melanogaster
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    In combination with other aberrations

    Ts(1Lt;YSt)V24/Ab(Y)Y146 males show a significant reduction in male fertility compared to wild type; 19% of males fail to produce any progeny, 46% produce very small numbers of progeny (less than 40/male) and only 10% produce more than 80 progeny/male. Ts(1Lt;YSt)V24/Ab(Y)Y2 males produce large numbers of progeny

    Male sterile in combination with Df(YL)77.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    Ts(1Lt;YSt)V24/0 males show individualisation defects in the testes. The testes contain nuclei scattered throughout the spermatid bundles. The scattered single nuclei are needle shaped. A small number of individualisation complexes (ICs) are located with aligned nuclear bundles, but most of the ICs are disrupted. The dispersed ICs are fragmented and distributed along the elongated spermatid bundles. They are cone shaped, with the blunt end pointing apically and the pointed end directed basally. The isolated sperm heads often appear to trail the IC fragments.

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