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D. melanogaster
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Maybe an inversion or translocation.

May be a translocation or an inversion.

All limits from polytene analysis (FBrf0075380)

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In combination with other aberrations

Fails to complement 78C deficiencies (no visible cytological defect) and fails to complement 78A deficiencies.

NOT in combination with other aberrations
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Notes on Origin

A.T.C. Carpenter.

Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
Separable Components
Other Comments

Lethal in 78A and 78C, although there is no visible cytological defect there even in asynapsed chromosomes. Mapping of the lethal is complicated by the facts that when Ab(3L;h)ME178 is transmitted by the mother it is viable over most other 78C lethals and deficiencies, and even when it is transmitted by the father it leaks. It is nearly lethal over most Pc deficiencies, including In(3)Pc-T7 and Pc3 and Ubx duplication, but is less lethal over Df(3L)Pc-30A is viable over Pc73 and Df(3L)ME1325. Lethal over In(3)80c even when transmitted from female. Completely lethal over Df(3L)ME107 from 78A lesion so 78C lesion cannot be tested. Not phenotypically Pc.

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