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D. melanogaster
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A 5kb tandem duplication is uniquely associated with all RanGapSD chromosomes.

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    Analysis of different SD chromosomes containing the Dp(2;2)RanGapSD duplication suggests that the duplication arose only once; all SD chromosomes (9 independently isolated chromosomes have been tested) have the same constellation of polymorphic restriction sites in a 50kb region that extends 20kb distal and 28kb proximal to the duplication, and have one of two conserved haplotypes in the region that is 28-43kb proximal to the duplication. Two different SD chromosomes, SD-Roma and SD-VO17, both lack the pericentric and/or 2R inversions that are typically associated with SD chromosomes and were isolated from Mediterranean populations. If the duplication arose only once, it may have originated in the Mediterranean region on a chromosome that was free of inversions. The specific inversions associated with the different SD chromosomes would then have arisen subsequently after the geographic spread of these chromosomes.

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