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D. melanogaster
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Df(2L)x528/Df(2L)Gpdh1-A is embryonic lethal and impacts founder cells for lateral transverse muscle 3, lateral transverse muscle 4, lateral oblique muscle 1 and ventral transverse muscle 1; loss of lateral transverse muscles.

Embryos trans-heterozygous for Df(2L)sc19-4 and Df(2L)x528 yield an abnormal neuronal cell fate specification phenotype identical to that observed for embryos homozygous for Df(2L)sc19-4.

Inferred to overlap with: Df(2L)sc19-4.

Df(2L)x528/Df(2L)Gpdh1-A embryos show a loss of neuroblasts NB1-1, NB2-5 and NB2-4. This loss is much more pronounced in odd-numbered than even-numbered abdominal segments. However, the loss is similar to mid mutants, suggesting that the it is deletion of the mid gene and not the H15 gene that is causing the phenotype.

Df(2L)Gpdh1-A/Df(2L)x528 larvae show a loss of denticle belts; denticle rows 1 to 5 are frequently lost in odd-numbered segments, whereas even-numbered segments show milder defects.

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