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D. melanogaster
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X:8,086,993..8,086,993 (Df(1)BSC866:bk1)
X:8,157,322..8,157,322 (Df(1)BSC866:bk2)
Member of large scale dataset(s)

A set of ~800 largely isogenic deficiency stocks created by FLP-induced recombination between FRT-carrying transgenic insertions; molecularly defined deletion endpoints correspond to initial location of the progenitor insertions. Designed to fill gaps in deletion coverage and breakpoint placement; also used to replace older available deficiencies that have not been molecularly mapped.

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The presence of P+PBac{XP5.WH5}BSC866 was verified using the PCR methods and primers described in FBrf0175003.

The presence of the deficiency was confirmed by showing that a 488 base pair fragment spanning the P{SUPor-P}CG2116KG00028 insertion site could not be amplified from Df(1)BSC866/P{SUPor-P}CG2116KG00028 flies using primers 5'-CGATGTATGAAAGCGGAAGGAAGCAAGC-3' and 5'-CCAATTCCCTGACCACAAATTGCG-3'. Also, a 630 base pair fragment spanning the PBac{PB}CG10959c02347 insertion site could not be amplified from Df(1)BSC866/PBac{PB}CG10959c02347 flies using primers 5'-CCGCTCACCAAGACGGTCACGGG-3' and 5'-CCGTGTGCTCCTTGCGACGATGC-3'.

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