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D. melanogaster
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ΔGr64, ΔGr64a-f, Δ64a-f
Sequence coordinates
3L:4,015,329..4,015,329 (Df(3L)DeltaGr64:bk1)
3L:4,040,635..4,040,635 (Df(3L)DeltaGr64:bk2)
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Scer\FRT-mediated recombination between the two progenitor insertions has resulted in the deletion of the genomic sequence between them.

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When given a choice between trehalose and fructose, wild-type flies strongly prefer trehalose. In contrast, Df(3L)ΔGr64 mutant flies favor fructose.

Df(3L)ΔGr64 mutants lack behavioural and electrophysiological responses to sucrose, maltose and glucose.

In contrast to wild-type flies, virtually no action potentials are produced upon presentation of trehalose in Df(3L)ΔGr64 mutants.

Df(3L)ΔGr64 is homozygous lethal.

P{t15.3.R1}/+, P{UAS-Rescue.R2}/+, Df(3L)ΔGr64/Df(3L)ΔGr64 flies show a drastic reduction in proboscis extension reflex for sucrose, glucose, trehalose, arabinose, and maltose. The introduction of P{UAS_Gr64abcdf.GFP} into this genetic background rescues the sugar-response phenotype.

Homozygous Df(3L)ΔGr64 mutant flies show as robust a response to fructose as do wild-type flies.

Homozygous Df(3L)ΔGr64 mutant flies show similar responses to bitter compounds as do wild-type flies.

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