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General Information
D. melanogaster
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3L:9,373,644..9,373,644 (Df(3L)3583-321:bk1)
3L:9,383,985..9,383,985 (Df(3L)3583-321:bk2)
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Activation of the P{EP} element in Hsp27EP3583 has resulted in a 10,342bp deletion removing 5 genes (Hsp23, Hsp67Ba, Hsp26, CG4461 and Hsp22). The P{EP} starting element has been retained. The deletion contains a 26bp imperfect duplication of the 31bp P-terminal repeats at the 5'-P end (GGACCACCTTATGTTATTTCATCATG).

Reported as 3L:9 ,366,744 in R5 coordinates.

Reported as 3L:9 ,377,085 in R5 coordinates.

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