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D. melanogaster
Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Steitz
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UAS-Sgg, UASzw3
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A 2.9kb EcoRI-NotI fragment containing the complete sgg cDNA is expressed under the control of UAS regulatory sequences.

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Adult eyes expressing sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4GMR.PS display a slight rough-eye phenotype. Retinal sections show a relatively normal array of rhabdomeres other than some abnormal polarity.

Scer\GAL4vg.PU-driven overexpression of sggScer\UAS.cSa in the wing imaginal disc results in loss of bristles and marginal tissue in the adult wing.

Expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4vg.PM leads to a reduction in the wing pouch size within the dorsal mesothoracic disc.

sggScer\UAS.cSa; Scer\GAL4vg.PM flies have reduced, serrated wings. 30% of these flies show partial wing to notum transformation.

Flies expressing sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1 show loss of wing and duplication of the dorsal thorax.

When sggScer\UAS.cSa is driven by Scer\GAL4elav-C155, no visible external phenotype is seen other than mildly disordered bristles.

Expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4Bx-MS1096 results in wing hinge defects; axillary sclerite 3 is missing, while axillary sclerite 1, axillary sclerite 2, axillary sclerite 4 and the unnamed plate are unaffected. Wings from these animals are very small and lack marginal structures. Expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4dpp.blk1 results in duplication of the axillary pouch.

Expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4da.G32 results in the loss of 2 to 4 rows of 4o cells without affecting the hh-dependent denticles in the dorsal epidermis of the embryo (in wild-type embryos each parasegment contains 4 types of cells in the dorsal epidermis; the 1o, 2o and 3o cells in the anterior half of the parasegment and the 4o cells in the posterior half of the parasegment).

Enhances the wing nicking phenotype seen in mamN.Scer\UAS, Scer\GAL4C96 flies.

Embryos expressing sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL469B are viable but have a subtle cuticle phenotype; a few extra denticles are seen in regions of ventral cuticle that are normally naked. Similar phenotypes are seen when the Scer\GAL4da.G32 driver is used instead of Scer\GAL469B. Animals expressing one copy of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4how-24B at 25oC die as first or second instar larvae. The larvae hatch at a normal frequency and survive for 2-3 days but lack normal mobility. The somatic muscles, midgut and fat bodies appear superficially normal in late embryos of this genotype. Few or no copper cells are seen in the midgut of first instar larvae expressing sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4how-24B. The interstitial cells are present. There is no anterior expansion of flat cell fate (these cells are normally found just posterior to the copper cells). Approximately 3/4 of animals expressing two copies of sggScer\UAS.cSa under the control of Scer\GAL4how-24B at 29oC die as embryos, with the rest dying as first instar larvae. Copper cell differentiation is blocked in animals that survive to the first larval instar stage. The second midgut constriction often fails to form.

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Scer\GAL4vg.PM, sggUAS.cSa has wing phenotype, enhanceable by tws[+]/twsj11C8

Scer\GAL4vg.PM, sggUAS.cSa has wing margin phenotype, enhanceable by tws[+]/twsj11C8

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Additional Comments
Genetic Interactions

Simultaneous expression of Cyp310a1dsRNA.Sym.Scer\UAS or CG17278dsRNA.Sym.Scer\UAS to create Cyp310a1 or CG17278 dsRNA results in a suppression of the reduction in wing pouch size seen when sggScer\UAS.cSa is expressed under the control of Scer\GAL4vg.PM.

The wing phenotypes of sggScer\UAS.cSa; Scer\GAL4vg.PM flies are enhanced by twsj11C8/+: complete wing to notum transformation occurs in 87% of these flies.

Many photoreceptors are rescued from death in ApcQ8 homozygotes carrying one copy of sggScer\UAS.cSa expressed under the control of Scer\GAL4elav-C155.

Does not alter the abnormal second midgut constriction phenotype seen in embryos expressing armS10.Scer\UAS.T:Hsap\MYC under the control of Scer\GAL4how-24B.

Xenogenetic Interactions

Co-expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa markedly enhances the Hsap\MAPTScer\UAS.wt, Scer\GAL4GMR.PS eye phenotype, results in smaller eye with abnormally fused ommatidia and complete loss of bristles. The internal retinal architecture of the double transgenics is severely disrupted.

The relatively normal eye phenotype of Hsap\MAPTScer\UAS.S2A, Scer\GAL4GMR.PS flies remains unchanged when sggScer\UAS.cSa is co-expressed.

The eye and retinal phenotypes seen in Hsap\MAPTGMR.Ex.PJ animals are enhanced by Scer\GAL4GMR.PS-mediated co-expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa.

The Hsap\MAPTGMR.S11A small and rough eye phenotype is enhanced by Scer\GAL4GMR.PS-mediated co-expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa. Retinas of the double transgenics show dramatic disruption, and rhabdomeres show disorganization with some photoreceptor loss.

When sggScer\UAS.cSa (when driven by Scer\GAL4elav-C155) is added to Hsap\MAPTGMR.Ex.PJ, the eye phenotype is enhanced. The eye is markedly reduced and there is an almost complete loss of normal ommatidia and a loss of the majority of bristles. Abundant discrete flam-shaped and fibrillar aggregates and vacuolisation are observed throughout the retina and underlying lamina and medulla.

Complementation and Rescue Data

Zygotic expression of sggScer\UAS.cSa driven by Scer\GAL4arm.PS in maternal mutant sggM11 embryos partially restores segmentation.

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Steitz
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