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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Short Genotype
Parent Cytology
1Lt - 1B2 | (20B - 20B) | 15E - 20A | 15D - 11F4 | (4E - 4E) | 3C - 4D7 | 11F2 - 4F | 3C - 1B3 | 20D1 - 1Rt
(Slobodyanyuk and Serov, 1983)
Transposon Insertions

R.F. Grell, Sep. 1955.

Stocks (271)
Other Information

Male viable and fertile. Females viable but sterile owing to the presence of dm1. Like FM4 except for the presence of the additional In(1)15D-E;20A-B. Reservations similar to those about the balancing ability of FM4 apply in FM6 to the salivary chromosome region from 1B to 15D. In genotypes with a normal recombination rate, FM6 effectively eliminates recombination in FM6/+ heterozygotes but yields viable recombinants when heterozygous for such inversions as In(1)sc8. Used for balancing sex-linked recessive lethal and sterile mutations. Does not effectively balance cv or v in stocks that are also heterozygous for In(2LR)SM and In(3LR)Ubx130. In addition recessive-lethal-bearing FM6 chromosomes have been described (e.g., FBrf0019966).

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