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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Short Genotype
Parent Cytology
3Lt - 61A | 96B - 93B | 89D - 74 | 61C - 74 | 89E - 93B | 96A - 3Rt
Transposon Insertions
Stocks (412)
Other Information

Homozygous lethal.

Eliminates crossing over in chromosome 3 except at the end of the right arm. Does not reliably balance mutations in the vicinity of ca. MacIntyre and Wright (FBrf0017571) observed about 9% double crossing over in the unbroken segment of the left arm from 61C to 74 on the polytene map and 15% recombination between the breakpoint at 96A and ca in In(3LR)Ubx130, Ubx130 e/ru h th st cu sr es Pr ca females that were also heterozygous for an X-chromosome inversion behaving like In(1)sc8 and In(2LR)SM1; no recombination observed in other regions. Some versions also carry pp.

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