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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Short Genotype
Parent Cytology
1Lt - 1B2 | 20F - 11F4 | 4E | 3C - 4D7 | 11F2 - 4F | 3C - 1B3 | 1Rt
Transposon Insertions

R.F. Grell, 1954.

Stocks (17)
Other Information

Male viable. Male fertile. Homozygous female viable. Female sterile owing to dm1. In(1)FM4 is the consequence of the approximate reinversion of In(1)dl-49 in In(1)sc8+dl-49 and is similar in sequence to In(1)sc8 but with the transposition of 3C-4F into 11F. Unless this small transposition has an abnormally large effect on crossing over (e.g., see Dp(2;2)C619) recombination might be expected to be frequent in FM4/+ heterozygotes and especially in FM4/In(1)sc8 heterozygotes. In FM4/+ heterozygotes, double crossovers with points of exchange inside or outside the 3C-11F interval produce euploid X chromosomes and those with one point of exchange inside and one outside produce complementary duplications and deficiencies for 3C - 4F. The duplication survives in either sex and exhibits a Confluens phenotype (E.H. Grell in FBrf0066905); the deficiency might survive in the heterozygote as a "Notch Minute" female judging from the survival of the slightly smaller Df(1)wm258-44. Balancing properties not well determined.

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