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D. melanogaster
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Acentric mini-chromosomes are lost at a moderate but elevated rate during male germline mitotic divisions and in female mitosis, but appear to be transmitted efficiently through pre-blastoderm mitoses and male

Neocentromere-containing fragments are not recovered from Dp1187-8-23 after γ-irradiation.

Overall length 1320kb, the length of Dp(1;f)1187 and two P{PZ} elements.

Derivative of Dp(1;f)1187 generated by interchromosomal transposition of P{PZ}8-23 to position -246, followed by local transposition to position -185.

Variegated y phenotype, can be dominantly enhanced by mutations of E2f.

Insertion of two P{PZ} elements into the subtelomeric heterochromatin and distal euchromatin. Transmission rate through females to progeny is 53% in the first 5 days of egg lay.

Insertion of two P{PZ} elements in the euchromatic and subtelomeric regions of Dp(1;f)1187. 75% triple row bristles are y+ and most of the abdominal cuticle is also pigmented in monosomics.

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