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Tetraspanins (TSP) have four transmembrane domains and two extracellular loops containing specific short motifs, including highly conserved cysteine residues. TSPs are thought to function as scaffolds that bring multiple proteins - including other TSPs, membrane-associated proteins, extracellular and cytosolic proteins - into single membrane region. These regions are called tetraspanin-enriched microdomains. (Adapted from FBrf0227776 and FBrf0152316).
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CG30160 is included in the TETRASPANINS gene group as it is a tandem duplicate of Tsp42Eb (FBrf0206967) and is identical within the coding region.
In FBrf0132356, CG31600 is reported as a Tetraspanin, although its sequence is highly divergent to other members, it possesses a four predicted transmembrane regions and is therefore tentatively included in the TETRASPANINS gene group.
Source Material
The TETRASPANINS Gene Group has been compiled by FlyBase curators using the following publication(s): Fox and Andrew, 2015, Jeibmann et al., 2015, Fradkin et al., 2002, Zhou et al., 2008, and Todres et al., 2000.
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Transmembrane 4 superfamily
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