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Riley, P.D., Carroll, S.B., Scott, M.P. (1987). The expression and regulation of Sex combs reduced protein in Drosophila embryos.  Genes Dev. 1(): 716--730.
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Homeotic genes are expressed in spatially precise patterns during Drosophila development to control segmental differentiation. The Sex combs reduced (Scr) gene of the Antennapedia gene complex is involved in the determination of the labial and prothoracic segments of the embryo. To study both the wild-type pattern of Scr expression and the regulatory relationships of Scr to other regulatory genes, an antibody probe that detects the Scr protein was prepared. We find that the Scr gene product is expressed in a dynamic pattern over the course of embryogenesis, beginning in the ectoderm in parasegment 2 while the germ band is elongated and extending to parasegment 3 during the completion of germ band shortening. The locations of Scr protein correlate well with the part of the embryo that are altered in Scr- mutants. After head involution occurs, Scr protein is also expressed in the ganglion corresponding to parasegment 2 of the ventral nervous system. The precise spatial expression of Scr is attained through regulation by both homeotic genes and segmentation genes. The lack of proper Antennapedia or Polycomb gene function causes ectopic Scr protein expression. Mutations in the segmentation genes fushi tarazu, hunchback, Kr├╝ppel, and giant alter the spatial pattern of Scr expression.

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