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Bhojwani, J., Singh, A., Misquitta, L., Mishra, A., Sinha, P. (1995). Search for Drosophila genes based on patterned expression of mini-white reporter gene of a P lacW vector in adult eyes.  Rouxs Arch. Dev. Biol. 205(3-4): 114--121.
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Developmental expression of transduced mini-white(w) gene of Drosophila is sensitive to its flanking genomic enhancers. Taking advantage of this phenomenon, we mobilized a P lacW transposon and screened for new transposant lines which showed patterned expression of the mini-w gene in adult eyes. From a screen of about 1,000 independent P lacW transposant lines on the second chromosome, we identified 7 lines which showed patterned w expression in adult eyes. These P insertions were assigned to engrailed, wingless and teashirt genes based on their chromosomal locations, developmental expression of the lacZ reporter gene, lethal embryonic mutant phenotypes and, finally, their failure to complement the lethal alleles of the respective genetic loci. Our results show that although only a small fraction of the total transposant lines displayed patterned w expression, the genetic loci thus identified are those which play essential roles in pattern formation. Scopes of screens for genetic loci based on w reporter gene expression in adult eyes are discussed.

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