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Carpenter, A.T.C. (1997.1.10). Shilo's LG9 mutant. 
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From atc12@XXXX Fri Jan 10  14:05:08  1997
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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997  14:07:01  +0000 (GMT)
From: Adelaide T C Carpenter <atc12@XXXX>
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To: Rachel Drysdale <rd120XXXX>, Aubrey deGrey <ag24XXXX>
Subject: Shilo's LG9 mutant
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is dead as a doornail over Df(3L)fz-GS1a and over fz-GF3b (confirming
Shilo) as well as over Df(3L)D-1rv16; completely viable over l(3)70Da1
and over dev1; completely viable and female-fertile over Df(3L)fz-M21;
and completely lethal over D3 (loD3) and D7 (loD7). It is
therefore an allele of loD (presumably to be called, for the nonce,
loDLG9). I haven't completely finished the counts but I just did the
last count on the first vial, the numbers are large and the conclusion is
solid. I haven't yet done cytology so can't eliminate the possibility
that it's a very small deletion, but the genetics certainly suggest
nothing of the kind.
Cheers, Adelaide
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