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Merriam, J. (1997.5.9). Molecular and genetic information on a P construct. 
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Personal communication from: John Merriam
To: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Dated: 09 May 1997
Background: Molecular and genetic information on a P construct carried
by a stock donated to the Bloomington collection (described on a poster
at the 1997 Drosophila Conference).
Information communicated:
Insert \#4, on the X chromosome, map position about 37. The insert is marked
with y+. This insert has the Gal4-UAS sequence and promoter oriented
to transcribe leftward out the 5' P end.
Further description of the insert:
Construct P 6.11 features a promoter and UAS-Gal4 oriented to transcribe
leftward from the 5' P end. Inserts in flies are marked with genomic y+
The restriction site map is
5'P BamHI/BglII EcoRI hsp-UAS BamHI SalI (5' y+ genomic) HindIII BglII
PstI HindIII BamHI EcoRI PstI BglII BamHI (3' y+ genomic) SalI PstI
HindIII 3'P
The distance of hsp from 5'P is approximately 140 bp. The hsp-UAS insert
from Brand and Perrimon's pUAST is about 400 bp. The genomic y+ insert,
from Geyer and Corces, is 8 kb in length (between SalI sites) with
transcription from left to right. 3'P is 223 bp from the right SalI
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