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Ursuliak, Z., Clemens, J.C., Dixon, J.E., Price, J.V. (1997). Differential accumulation of DPTP61F alternative transcripts: regulation of a protein tyrosine phosphatase by segmentation genes.  Mech. Dev. 65(1-2): 19--30.
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DPTP61F is a non-receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase that is expressed during Drosophila oogenesis and embryogenesis. DPTP61F transcripts are alternatively spliced to produce two isoforms of the protein which are targeted to different subcellular locations. DPTP61Fn accumulates in the nucleus, and DPTP61Fm associates with the membranes of the reticular network and the mitochondria. We have examined the spatial and temporal expression of the two alternative transcripts of dptp61F during Drosophila embryogenesis. Our observations indicate that the two isoforms are expressed in distinct patterns. The DPTP61Fn transcript is expressed in the mesoderm and neuroblast layer during germband extension and later in the gut epithelia. In comparison, the transcript encoding DPTP61Fm accumulates in 16 segmentally repeated stripes in the ectoderm during germband extension. These stripes are flanked by, and adjacent to, the domains of engrailed and wingless gene expression in the anterior/posterior axis. In stage 10 embryos, the domains of DPTP61Fm transcript accumulation are wedge shaped and roughly coincide with the area lateral to the denticle belts that will give rise to naked cuticle. The DPTP61Fm transcript is also expressed later in embryogenesis in the central nervous system. The segmental modulation of DPTP61Fm transcript accumulation in the A/P axis of the germband is regulated by the pair-rule genes, and the intrasegmental pattern of transcript accumulation is regulated by the segment polarity genes.

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