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Beaton, A. (1997.12.27). New data. 
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>From abeaton@XXXX Sat Dec 27  00:26:42  1997
I had been suspecting that the combination of PxKr and Cy would make the
wings unscorable and in fact I was right. I tested a few folks on the
discrimination and.. well failure. So I rebalanced the In PxKr over a CyO
we have with activated ras that makes rough eyes and rebalanced the Ps from
the region over the T( 2:3 )SM6;TM6B, (which I can't find as an ab), so I
could score the Tb. Anyway there were some conflicting data so I
suppressed what I had had and entered the new.
So, now In(2R)bwVDe2LPxKR
Deletes or disrupts
l(2)k06908 59E1-2 this one has a Bellen name chrw
Dcp-1 59F2-3
l(2)02535 59F3-4
l(2)03041 59F3-4
l(2)k13108 60A3-4
l(2)k13214 60A3-4
l(2)02970 60A5-9
l(2)00628 60A8-11
l(2)k09025 60A8-11
Phm 60B1-2
bsl(2)03267 60C6-8
l(2)k08003 60D1-2
and complements these verifieds
l(2)06496 59C1-4
l(2)06369 59F1-2
l(2)09049 59F1-2 apt
l(2)05006 60B1-2
l(2)k04201 60B1-2
l(2)k04405 60B1-2 66E1-2
l(2)k13705 60B11-13
l(2)k12101 60B12-13
l(2)01296 60B4-5
l(2)k05633 60B4-5
l(2)k05318 60C1-2
l(2)k16102 60D5-6
l(2)01092 60E1-2 Dll
l(2)10481 60E11-12
l(2)01155 60F1-3 gsb-d
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