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Lu, X. (1998.3.10). ADRC: 028 and 540A. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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From rd120@XXXX Tue Mar 10  11:02:31  1998
To: Xlu@XXXX
Subject: ADRC: 028 and 540A
Dear Xiangyi,
I am writing in connection with your abstracts for the upcoming Washington
'A suppressor of Draf encodes Dsrc42A which shows unusual negative
signaling role in the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) pathway.'
'semang is required for the development of R1, R6, R7 and cone cells in the
Concerning your 'Dsrc42A': FlyBase knows of a nearby gene called Src41.
Here is an extract from FlyBase about this gene.
\*a Src41
\*z FBgn0004603
\*y FBgn0010284
\*b 2-
\*c 41B1--41C7
\*c Left limit from in situ hybridisation (FBrf0089086)
\*c Right limit from in situ hybridisation (FBrf0089086)
\*i Tk5: Tyrosine kinase 5
\*i Dsrc41
\*i Dtk5
\*F protein-tyrosine kinase == EC
\*j species == Mus; gene == Src; MGI:98397
\*j species == Homo sapiens; gene == SRC;  GDB:120750 ; OMIM:190090
\*g D42125; g1536790
\*g S55977; g236022
\*m  PIR:S18013 
\*m  SPTREMBL:Q26297 
\*m  SPTREMBL:Q94879 
\*x FBrf0053997 == Shishido et al., 1991, FEBS Lett. 289: 235--238
\*x FBrf0089086 == Takahashi et al., 1996, Genes Dev. 10(13): 1645--1656
Is this gene the same as your 'Dsrc42A'? I realise that the cytological
locations are slightly different, but since they are so close we felt we
should check.
Also, you mention another new gene, semang. Do you have a map location for
semang? It is nice if we can keep as many gene records as
possible anchored to the map.
Do you have allele designations for the mutants of 'Dsrc42A' or semang that
you describe?
Thank you for your help,
with best wishes,
From xlu@XXXX Wed Mar 11  02:15:43  1998
Subject: Re: ADRC: 028 and 540A-reply
To: rd120@XXXX
Dear Rachel at FlyBase:
Dsrc42A cDNA differs with the published Dsrc41 by only one amino acid
residue. Southern analysis of overlapping deficiency chromosomes suggest that
there is only one Dsrc42A-hybridizing signal on 2R. Therefore, Dsrc42A=Dsrc41.
Mutation in Dsrc42A is recessively lethal. Dsrc42A/Deficiency is also lethal.
This allowed us to localize Dsrc42A between two deficiency chromosomes,
Df(2R)nap9 and Df(2R)bwvDe2LCy2R. Thus, the cytological location of Dsrc42A is
42A1-2 to 42A2-4. We have many alleles which are included in a manuscript
submitted recently. semang (sag) maps to polytene 54. We have not found a
deficiency uncovering semang. You ask for allele designations, I am not sure
what information do you want?
Xiangyi Lu
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045
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