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Edwards, K. (1999.3.3). ADRC-321B. 
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From rd120@XXXX Wed Mar 03  11:06:14  1999
To: kedwards@XXXX
Subject: ADRC-321B
Dear Kevin,
We are currently curating the abstracts for the upcoming Bellevue
(Seattle) Annual Drosophila Research Conference, for FlyBase. I am
writing in connection with your abstract:
'Rhophilin, a putative effector for the cytoskeletal regulator rho, is
not essential for development.'
You mention a gene that is new to FlyBase, Rhp.
There is another
abstract concerning rhophilin:
Program Number: 318B
Signaling mechanisms controlling cell shape during gastrulation
U. Haecker, U. Schaefer, H. Jaeckle and N.Perrimon.
I imagine this is the same gene as yours. Do you know whether this is
the case? If they are the same I need only create one new gene entry
in FlyBase but if they are distinct (and the information concerning mutant
phenotypes seems rather different) then I must create two new records.
You mention that your rhophilin corresponds to a Berkeley EST, could
you tell me which one? This is information that we like to track.
Thank you for your help,
with best wishes,
From kedwards@XXXX Wed Mar 03  21:11:53  1999
To:	Rachel Drysdale <rd120@XXXX>
Subject: Re: ADRC-321B
Dear Rachel,
I just called Udo Hacker and he is withdrawing the work, believing
his lethal
phenotype is not due to rhophilin. We haved sequenced the same clone,
LD12055. I just deposited the insert of this clone to genbank, acc#
AF132025, soon to be
released. Hacker confirms my cytology as 13EF. I believe it's on the 13E
side since it is not removed by Df(1)sd<72b26> based on in situ.
Kevin Edwards
kedwards@XXXX Yamamoto Behavior Genes Project
fax 808-956-2440 CCRT, University of Hawaii
lab 808-956-4909 Honolulu HI 96822
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