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Stowers, S. (1999.6.18). Stowers P{GMR-hid} and P{ey-GAL4.H} insertions. 
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Subject: Stowers P{GMR-hid} and P{ey-GAL4.H} insertions
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From:  Kevin Cook, Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Subject:  P{GMR-hid} and P{ey-GAL4.H} insertions
Steve Stowers, Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford
University School of Medicine, communicated the following information
concerning insertions of P{GMR-hid} and P{ey-GAL4.H} in stocks he donated
to the Stock Center.  The isolation of the insertions will be described in
a Genetics paper in press.
1.  P{w[+mC]=GMR-hid} 
Insertions on the X, 2R, 3L and 3R were obtained by mobilizing
P{w[+mC]=GMR-hid]G1.  The insertions were not mapped more precisely.
2.  P{w[+*]=ey-GAL4.H}
A third chromosome insertion of P{ey-GAL4.H} was obtained by mobilizing the
second chromosome insertion described in Hazelett et al. 1998, Development
125: 3741-3751.  The third chromosome insertion was not mapped more
precisely.  No insertion identifier was assigned to the second chromosome
insertion of Hazelett et al.  Stowers indicated that the visible marker on
P{ey-GAL4.H} is w[+].
Stowers combined a P{FRT} insertion and a P{GMR-hid} insertion on each of
the major chromosome arms.  Each P{FRT} P{GMR-hid} chromosome was
mutagenized to induce a linked modifier of the P{GMR-hid} phenotype.  These
modifier mutations are probably cell lethals.
From the communication from Stowers (6/17/99):
The cell lethal mutation on chromosome arm 2L was induced by EMS in a
screen I did.  Adding the recessive cell lethal to the GMR-hid chromosome
arm significantly improves morphology of the resulting adult eye.  The CL
mutations on the other chromosome arms are only putative cell lethal
mutations because I screened for these on the basis of the improved eye
morphology phenotype by directly mutagenizing the GMR-hid chromosomes with
gamma rays.  I didn't generate recessive cell lethals and then recombine
them onto the GMR-hid chromosome arms.  I know nothing about the allelism
of the putative cell lethals.
Kevin Cook, Ph.D.		Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology		kcook@XXXX
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