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Hinson, S., Pettus, J., Nagoshi, R.N. (1999). Regulatory and functional interactions between ovarian tumor and ovo during Drosophila oogenesis.  Mech. Dev. 88(1): 3--14.
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The ovo and ovarian tumor genes are required during early and late stages of Drosophila oogenesis. The ovo product, a zinc-finger transcription factor, can bind to sites and influence the level of expression of the ovarian tumor promoter. Our examination of ovo null mutant organelles demonstrate that it is required for the differentiation of XX germ cells during larval gonial stages, in addition to its known role in maintaining germ cell numbers. In contrast, ovarian tumor is required during pupal and adult stages for the cystocyte divisions that give rise to the egg chamber. Studies on sexually transformed flies indicate that both the ovo and ovarian tumor null mutant phenotypes are distinctive from and more severe than the germline defects produced when male germ cells develop in female soma. This suggests that ovo and ovarian tumor have oogenic functions other than their putative role in germline sex determination. We also demonstrate that the regulation of ovarian tumor by ovo is stage-specific, as ovarian tumor promoter activity does not require ovo during larval stages but becomes ovo-dependent in the adult ovary. This coincides with when the ovarian tumor promoter becomes responsive to sex-specific signals from the soma suggesting a convergence of somatic and germline regulatory pathways on ovarian tumor during oogenesis.

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