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Schäfer, U., Jackle, H., He, Y., Bellen, H., Laverty, T., Rubin, G. (1999.12.14). Goettingen lethals - set 6. 
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Personal communication from: Ulrich Schaefer, Herbert Jackle, Yuchun He, Hugo Bellen, Todd Laverty and Gerry Rubin
To: Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Subject: Goettingen lethals - set 6
Dated: 14 December 1999
Background: The lethal and semi-lethal alleles and P{lacW} insertions reported here were generated in the laboratory of 
Herbert Jackle (Goettingen) in a screen for lethal P{lacW} hops into the X chromosome. In situ hybridizations to map the 
P{lacW} insertions were carried out in the laboratory of Hugo Bellen (Houston). Hybridized chromosomes were read by 
both the Bellen lab and by Todd Laverty (Rubin lab, Berkeley). The assumption that lethality in single insertion lines is 
caused by the insertion has not been verified. lacZ expression patterns for these lines will be available from FlyView. 
This communication includes revised insertion sites for two of the lines included in FBrf0108529 in addition to new 
alleles and transposon insertions.
Alleles with updated information (presumed to be caused by P{lacW} insertions):
                                        Original                 Update
l(1)G0090G0090 7A1-5                  ? -- multi-insert line: 6F5-6, 7A1-5
l(1)G0092G0092 17C1-4, 17D1-4  17C-D
Updated transposon insertions (from multi-insert lines):
                                        Original                Update
P{lacW}G0090a                                            6F5-6 (new)
P{lacW}G0090b                                            7A1-5 (new)
P{lacW}G0092a                 17C1-4                eliminate
P{lacW}G0092b                 17D1-4                eliminate
New Alleles (presumed to be caused by P{lacW} insertions):
l(1)G0141G0141 semi-lethal 11A7-8
l(1)G0145G0145 semi-lethal ? -- multi-insert line: 1F, 9E3-4, 18D5-11
l(1)G0146G0146 semi-lethal 17E
l(1)G0172G0172 9C1-2
l(1)G0227G0227 5F1-2
l(1)G0236G0236 semi-lethal 8F1-7
l(1)G0269G0269 semi-lethal 19E
l(1)G0280G0280 ? -- multi-insert line: 1A, 3A1-4
l(1)G0327G0327 1B7-10
l(1)G0333G0333 2D1-2
l(1)G0364G0364 6F1-8
l(1)G0372G0372 7E1-6
l(1)G0399G0399 1B3-4
l(1)G0418G0418 4C7-8
l(1)G0435G0435 12C
l(1)G0448G0448 2B1-4
l(1)G0453G0453 8D
l(1)G0456G0456 10B8-11
l(1)G0462G0462 ? -- multi-insert line: 3A, 10E-F
l(1)G0492G0492 semi-lethal 11B13-16
New Transposon insertions (from multi-insert lines):
P{lacW}G0145a 1F
P{lacW}G0145b 9E3-4
P{lacW}G0145c 18D5-11
P{lacW}G0280a 1A
P{lacW}G0280b 3A1-4
P{lacW}G0462a 3A
P{lacW}G0462b 10E-F
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