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Brendza, K. (2000.3.2). Khc gene annotation. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Personal Communication to FlyBase
Received from:	Katherine Brendza
		Washington University School of Medicine
		Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Subject		Khc gene annotation
Date:		March 2, 2000
Query from curator:
I am currently working on Khc and wanted to include the sites
of the mutations cited in the Brendza et. al. 1999. J.B.C.
274(44):31506-31514 publication in the annotation. I had a bit of
trouble matching up the stated locations of the nucleotide and amino
acid changes with the actual sequence. My best guess for the actual
changes are below. Could you please confirm or correct these.
mutation	nt change	nt change	aa change	aa change
		paper		my guess	paper		my guess
Khc[8]		C955T		C948T		R219		R210
Khc[4]		C1198T		C1192T		T291M		same
Khc[2]		C1078T		G1071A		E251K		same
Khc[10]		T1294A		A1287T		T323S		same
		C1396T		G1389A		E357K		same
Khc[37]		C1156T		G1149A		D277N		same
Khc[36]		G1234A		C1227T		R303C		same
Khc[32]		G720C		G720A		E134K		same
Khc[24]		C513T		same		Q65@		same	
Khc[27]		C513T		same		Q65@		same	
Khc[23]		C817T		G810A		E164K		same
Khc[19]		G856A		G849A		E177K		same
Khc[18]		G565A		G558A		V80I		same
Khc[17]		C1064T		C1057T		S246F		same
I spent the morning going through Joy Yang's sequence and looking at our
changes and your guesses are correct based on Joy's published sequence (Yang 1989. Cell  56:879-889 ). I have listed below the changes that are 
mutation	nt change	aa change
Khc[8]		C948T		R210@
Khc[4]		C1192T		T291M
Khc[2]		G1071A		E251K
Khc[10]		A1287T		T323S
		G1389A		E357K
Khc[37]		G1149A		D277N
Khc[36]		C1227T		R303C
Khc[32]		G720A		E134K
Khc[24]		C513T		Q65@
Khc[27]		C513T		Q65@
Khc[23]		G810A		E164K
Khc[19]		G849A		E177K
Khc[18]		G558A		V80I
Khc[17]		C1057T		S246F
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