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Graham, P. (2000.3.10). Helping FlyBase: ADRC-310C. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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From rd120@XXXX Fri Mar 03  09:47:21  2000
To: pschedl@XXXX
Subject: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-310C
Dear Paul,
We are currently curating the abstracts for the upcoming 41st
(Pittsburgh) Annual Drosophila Research Conference, for FlyBase.
I am writing in connection with your abstract:
'Analysis of Sxl mediated translational control.'
You mention a gene that is new to FlyBase, Bka.
Do you have a map location for your gene? This is a data class we like
to track, if possible. Also, does Bka have a full name? If so, now
would be a good time to record it.
I am writing to you because the first author does not have an address
in FlyBase - please feel free to pass my query on if there is someone better
placed to answer it.
Thank you for your help,
with best wishes,
From pgraham@XXXX Fri Mar 10  17:15:48  2000
To: ''rd120XXXX'' <rd120XXXX>
Subject: new gene
Dear Rachel,
You (relatively) recently wrote to Paul concerning a gene we mention in
the abstract entitiled 'Analysis of Sxl mediated translational control.'
The gene was identified based upon a P insertion strain (BL-P1209). The
only information we have about the map position is the cytological location
reported by FlyBase for the P insert (30E1-2). We have called it Bka (or
Bekka) because the undergraduate who identified this insert as something of
interest is Rebecca Middleton. I suppose Bekka would be considered the full
I hope this answers your questions. If you'd like more information,
please write or call.
Patricia Graham
Princeton University
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Lewis Thomas Labs
Princeton, NJ 08540
(609) 258-5003
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