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Misra, S. (2000.4.12). Annotation identities: Category 6. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Category 6: genes for which there is no hint in any jam page but which
can be uniquely assigned on the basis of neighbouring genes.  NOTE that
I have not confirmed any of these by clustal etc.  Plus three that were
provided by Leyla last night.
Sima analyzed by taking translation from aa_Adh.dros for all except
alpha-TRY from aa_embl.dros, deltaCOP from SP,  BG:DS04095.3  from NCBI gi)
and blasting against aa_gadfly.dros on BDGP BLAST server.  Those that did
not match, I tried the nucleic acid sequence from na_embl.dros against
na_gadfly.dros and then against genomic scaffolds at NCBI.
=CG4152|FBan0004152|CT12671|FBan0004152  last_updated:000321 (1055aa)
CG4152 CT12671 from neighbours
> BG:BACR48E02.2 (398aa)
=CG16852|FBan0016852|CT35802|FBan0016852  last_updated:000321 (162aa)
CG16852 CT35802 from neighbours
> BG:DS00180.11 (505aa)
=CG8864|FBan0008864|CT25460|FBan0008864  last_updated:000321 (505aa)
CG8864 CT25460 from neighbours
> BG:DS00180.9 (284aa)
=CG16873|FBan0016873|CT35248|FBan0016873  last_updated:000321 (185aa)
CG16873 CT35248 from neighbours
> BG:DS00929.16 (1068bp)
=no gene in Gadfly, but matches 526-1099 of AE003646 & 257241-257511,
~259889-260058, 260801-260852 of AE003645, nothing annotated on these coordinates
CG15268 CT35215 from neighbours
> BG:DS00929.7 (565bp)
=no gene in Gadfly, but matches 32644-32080 of AE003646, in intron of
CG15274, n
o gene annotated there
CG15274 CT35221 from neighbours
> BG:DS01219.3 (449aa)
=CG15275|FBan0015275|CT35222|FBan0015275  last_updated:000321 (102aa)
CG15275 CT35222 from neighbours
> BG:DS02252.4 (332aa)
=CG18518|FBan0018518|CT42262|FBan0018518  last_updated:000321 (332aa)
CG18518 CT42262 from neighbours (no jam page)
> BG:DS02740.18 (6849bp) 
=no gene in GadFly, but matches 238895-237298,
~237660-236134, 235733-234208, 240693-239523, 239464-238909,
236098-235786, 241038-240969 of AE003650, no gene annotated in this
region, between CG4440 and  BG:DS02740.19  
CG4440 CT14444 from neighbours
> BG:DS04095.3 (381bp)
=CG4959|FBan0004959|CT15918|FBan0004959  last_updated:000321 (458bp)--not by
CG4959 CT15918 from neighbours (NB not in paper only GB)
> BG:DS04862.2 (444aa)
=CG15256|FBan0015256|CT35200|FBan0015256  last_updated:000321 (385aa)
CG15256 CT35200 from neighbours
> BG:DS05639.1 (751aa)
=CG12635|FBan0012635|CT35210|FBan0012635  last_updated:000321 (739aa)
=CG12635|FBan0012635|CT42136|FBan0012635  last_updated:000321 (344aa)
CG12635 CT42136/CT35210 from neighbours
> BG:DS07108.4 (540aa)
=CG18480|FBan0018480|CT42128|FBan0018480  last_updated:000321 (550aa)
CG18480 CT42128 from neighbours
> BG:DS07108.5 (294aa)
=CG18478|FBan0018478|CT42124|FBan0018478  last_updated:000321 (294aa)
CG18478 CT42124 from neighbours
> BG:DS07486.5 (1101bp)
=CG18063|FBan0018063|CT40483|FBan0018063  last_updated:000321 (1212bp)--not
by blastp
CG18063 CT40483 from neighbours
> BG:DS08340.1 (306aa)
=CG15283|FBan0015283|CT35231|FBan0015283  last_updated:000321 (91aa)
CG15283 CT35231 from neighbours
=CG16880|FBan0016880|CT35243|FBan0016880  last_updated:000321 (224aa)
CG16880/CT35243 from neighbours
=CG7480|FBan0007480|CT22993|FBan0007480  last_updated:000321 (632aa)
CG7480/CT22993 from neighbours
=CG4148|FBan0004148|CT12971|FBan0004148  last_updated:000321 (470aa)
CG4148/CT12971 from neighbours
=CG5818|FBan0005818|CT18240|FBan0005818  last_updated:000321 (296aa)
CG5818/CT18240 from neighbours
=CG18483|FBan0018483|CT42134|FBan0018483  last_updated:000321 (382aa)
CG18483/CT42134 from neighbours
=CG15257|FBan0015257|CT35201|FBan0015257  last_updated:000321 (413aa)
CG15257 CT35201 from neighbours
=CG15288|FBan0015288|CT35236|FBan0015288  last_updated:000321 (3319aa)
CT35236 CG15288 from neighbours
emb|U04853|DM04853_2 δTry FBgn0010358 SWISS- PROT:P42276complement ( U04853:24 
=CG18444|FBan0018444|CT42017|FBan0018444  last_updated:000321 (256aa)
CG18444 says LB, CT42017 no jam
=CG14813|FBan0014813|CT34626|FBan0014813  last_updated:000321 (532aa)
CT34626 == CG14813 says LB
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