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Misra, S. (2000.4.14). Annotation identities: Category 7. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Category 7: genes which I think are correctly linked already but there
is a discrepancy between symbol and FBgn (eg one is missing)
Sima analyzed by taking sequence from aa_embl.dros and from aa_gadfly.dros
and doing pairwise comparisons at ExPasy's SIM alignment site.  FBgns were
checked at FlyBase.
emb|AF077304|AF077304 Ag5r2 FBgn0020508  AF077304:37..801 
=CG9540|FBan0009540|CT26988|FBan0009540  last_updated:00032 (254aa)
CG9540 CT26988 symbol but no FBgn
=FBgn0030579, add FBgn0020508
emb|AJ238970|DME238970 Cbp80 FBgn0022942  AJ238970:269..267 
=CG7035|FBan0007035|CT21764|FBan0007035  last_updated:000321 (800aa)
CG7035 CT21764 in final xml as  EG:84H4.3 
=FBgn0022942, FBgn0025614
emb|U34327|DM34327 Cyp4p1 FBgn0015037  SPTREMBL:Q24125   U34327:2..379 
=CG10842|FBan0010842|CT30367|FBan0010842  last_updated:000321 (513aa)
CG10842 CT30367 symbol but no FBgn
=FBgn0033396, add FBgn0015037
emb|U31351|DM31351_2 g FBgn0001087 complement( U31351:397..2748 )
=CG11197|FBan0011197|CT27980|FBan0011197  last_updated:000321 (568aa)
(match only over 430 of 568aa by SIM)
CG11197 CT27980 symbol but no FBgn
=FBgn0030516, add FBgn0001087
emb|U84752|DMU84752_2 Lcp65Af FBgn0020639  SPTREMBL:P92194 
join( U84752:425..528 , U84752:587..785 )
=CG10533|FBan0010533|CT29553|FBan0010533  last_updated:000321 (100aa)
CG10533 CT29553 symbol but wrong FBgn
=FBgn0035682, add FBgn0020639
emb|L07958|DMNMDMC_2 Nmdmc FBgn0010222 SWISS- PROT:Q04448   L07958:121..1194 
=CG18466|FBan0018466|CT40203|FBan0018466  last_updated:000321 (303aa)
CG18466 CT40203 symbol but no FBgn
=FBgn0037658, add FBgn0010222
emb|AF065443|AF065443 Oamb FBgn0024944  SPTREMBL:O61730   AF065443:929..2842 
=CG3856|FBan0003856|CT12841|FBan0003856  last_updated:000321 (637aa)
CG3856 CT12841/CT31666
see mail to Akira; Ocr is CG7485/CT22999
=change from FBgn0004514 to FBgn0024944
emb|M21045|DMRGPS14_3 RpS14b FBgn0004404 SWISS- PROT:P14130 
join( M21045:1572..1808 , M21045:1868..2086 )
=CG1527|FBan0001527|CT3937|FBan0001527  last_updated:000321 (151aa)
CG1527 CT3937 final xml says RpS14a
=change from FBgn0004403 to FBgn0029982/FBgn0004404
emb|AC004321|FBpp0001023 plu FBgn0003114 FLYBASE:FBpp0001023
join( AC004321:3606..3621 , AC004321:3679..4083 , AC004321:4138..4241 )
=CG9183|FBan0009183|CT26230|FBan0009183  last_updated:000321 (174aa)
CG9183 CT26230 symbol but no FBgn
=FBgn0034492, add FBgn0003114
emb|X97770|DMLSP2GEN_5 Lsp2 FBgn0002565 SWISS- PROT:Q24388   X97770:686..2842 
=CG6806|FBan0006806|CT21107|FBan0006806  last_updated:000321 (701aa)
CG6806 CT21107 currently a duplicate anon-68Ed
=FBgn0036251, add FBgn0002565
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