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Natzle, J.E. (2000.5.4). FlyBase error report for CG7116 on Thu May 4 13:34:39 2000. 
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Error report from Jeanette E. Natzle (jenatzle@XXXX)
Gene or accession: CG7116
Gene annotation error
Gene CG7116 corresponds to AF217281 (FBgn)
Comments: We have isolated a gene (from cDNA and genomic clones) in 66C that
we call IMP-E1. The genbank accession \# is AF217281. Based on our cDNA
sequence the Gadfly CG7116 represents the middle and 3' portion of IMP-E1.
CG13668 contains part of the 5' portion of the gene but has apparently
'translated' part of what is really intron regions in front and in back of the
exon. IMP-E1 actually starts about 7 kb in front of CG13688 (the whole
transcription unit is about 18.8 kb). I believe the start of transcription is
at about nuc#242922 in genbank AE003555 of the Celera genomic scaffold and the
gene ends at about nuc#224148. If you cannot get it to match up from the
IMP-E1 genbank accession information, please let me know.
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