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Chihara, C.J. (2000.5.8). FlyBase error report for CG9370 on Mon May 8 11:49:40 2000. 
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Subject: FlyBase error report for CG9370 on Mon May 8  11:49:40  2000
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Error report from Carol J. Chihara (chihara@XXXX)
Gene or accession: CG9370
Gene annotation error
Gene CG9370 has incorrect exon/intron structure.
Comments: This gene is the sequence of the gene 'ome' already shown to be for
DPPIV as reported in the last Drosophila Research Conference.
The 5' end of the gene includes another exon at some distance from the exon
shown in gadfly. It consists of 99 bases in AE03553.1 from 217416 to 217514.
This sequence is found in your own sequence of LD21715 ) as well as in SD01802
5'. According to the sequence of AE03553.1 there is thus a very large intron
between exon 1 and 2 which goes from 217415 to 187760. This intron inculdes
two possible genes according to Genescene, and overlaps with a possible gene
at the exon 1 region named CG17705.
These two ESTs are from different libraries and share the same intron-exon
structure for the sequences regions. Thus I believe that the exon is real at
the 5' end. There is a two base difference in the sequence between AE03353.1
and the EST sequence which is most probably a strain difference (or sequencing
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