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Salecker, I. (2001.3.5). not2 allele. 
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From gm119@XXXX Mon Feb 26  16:40:02  2001
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From: Gillian Millburn (Genetics) <gm119@XXXX>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001  16:40:03  \+0000
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Dear Dr. Zipursky,
I am curating your paper for FlyBase:
Poeck et al., 2001, Neuron 29(1): 99--113
and I have a question about the 'not2' allele (<up></up> == superscript).
>From what you said in the paper I think that this is probably an allele
obtained from the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, since you
reference the paper: Spradling et al., 1999, Genetics 153(1): 135--177.
I would be grateful if you could tell me the designation of the lethal
line for this allele e.g. l(2)01642, since at the moment I think we
must have information for the not2 allele under 2 separate allele
records in FlyBase \- both under 'not2' and also separately under
whichever Berkeley lethal it is. I would like to be able to merge them
so that all the data is in one place in the database. I would record
any information you give me about this line as a personal communication
from you to FlyBase,
I look forward to hearing from you,
Gillian Millburn.
FlyBase (Cambridge),
Department of Genetics,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street, email: gm119@XXXX
Cambridge, CB2 3EH, Ph : 01223-333963
UK. FAX: 01223-333992
From isaleck@XXXX Mon Mar 05  13:13:13  2001
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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001  13:11:25  \+0000
To: gm119@XXXX
From: Iris Salecker <isaleck@XXXX>
Subject: not2
Dear Gillian,
Dr. Zipursky forwarded me your message regarding the not2 allele.
Please find below the information about not2. This information has
been sent to me by Dr. B. Poeck, University of Regensburg, who
isolated the different nonstop alleles.
Stock Number: 11553
Old P Stock#: P1553
Genotype: P{ry+t7.2=PZ}l(3)0206902069 ry506/TM6B, ryCB Tb+
Chromosome(s): 3
Breakpts/Insertion: 075C03-04
Date added: 6/01/93
Donor: Berkeley Drosophila Genome Proj.
Donor's source: Allan Spradling
Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would need further information.
With best wishes,
Iris Salecker (Ph.D.)
Division of Molecular Neurobiology
National Institute for Medical Research
The Ridgeway
Mill Hill
London, NW7 1AA
United Kingdom
Phone: \+44 (0) 208 959 3666 (ext. 2601)
FAX: \+44 (0) 208 913 8536
e-mail: isaleck@XXXX
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