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Schlenke, T.A. (2001.3.12). FlyBase error report for CG5923 on Mon Mar 12 16:14:13 2001. 
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Subject: FlyBase error report for CG5923 on Mon Mar 12  16:14:13  2001
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Error report from Todd A. Schlenke (taschlenke@XXXX)
Gene or accession: CG5923
Release: 1
Gene annotation error
Gene CG5923 has incorrect exon/intron structure or translation start site.
Comments: I believe there is a mistake in the predicted ORF for the gene
DNApol-alpha73 (CG5923) of accession AE003760. The start codon appears to be
several AAs downstream of the predicted start codon.
There are two reasons I believe this is so. One, the 5' EST (LD41453.5prime)
for this gene starts downstream of the predicted start. Second, the
homologous sequence in Drosophila simulans lines (unpublished) shows the
predicted start codon to be polymorphic and that there is a frameshift
mutation directly after the predicted start codon.
There are two in-frame ATG codons near the beginning of the 5' EST sequence
(at AAs 45 and 56 of the predicted gene), both of which start long open
reading frames in melanogaster and simulans. My guess is the second ATG codon
(at AA 56, such that the gene starts MGVEP...) is the real start codon, based
on its distance from the start of the 5' EST sequence.
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