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Dickson, B. (2001.3.14). Molecular details of robo2 alleles. 
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From dickson@XXXX Wed Mar 14  21:19:53  2001
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To: Gillian Millburn (Genetics) <gm119@XXXX>
From: Barry Dickson <dickson@XXXX>
Subject: Re: FlyBase query
Dear Gillian,
We've just noticed a minor inconsistency in our Robo2/3 paper (Rajagopalan
et al. Cell  103:1033 ). The robo2 ORF has an extra 57 codons before what is
most likely the start methionine. Without these extra amino acids, the
predicted protein (incl. signal sequence) is 1406 AA. This is the length we
give in the paper, and also the length of the protein sequence we deposited
in GenBank together with the Goodman lab. However, the full open reading
frame encodes a protein of 1463 AAs, and unfortunately this is the ORF we
used to assign the mutations we detected in each of the robo2 alleles, as
listed in Table 1.
Here are the molecular details of each allele based on amino acid positions
in the 1406 AA protein:
robo21: R384->Stop
robo22: R444->Stop
robo23: W455->Stop
robo24: W578->Stop
robo25: W666->Stop
robo26: K731->Stop
robo27: W825->Stop
robo28: R845->Stop
robo29: S120->F
robo210: G158->E
Would you be able to include some comment to this effect when you add the
allele information into FlyBase.
Thanks once again for your help.
Best wishes,
Barry Dickson
Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (I.M.P.)
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 7
A-1030 Vienna
Tel. \+43 1 797 30 421
Fax. \+43 1 798 71 53
Email. dickson@XXXX
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