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Hummel, T. (2001.3.14). Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10955. 
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From rd120@XXXX Mon Mar 05  12:04:44  2001
To: zipursky@XXXX
Subject: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10955
Dear Larry,
We are currently curating the abstracts for the upcoming 42nd
(Washington, D.C.) Annual Drosophila Research Conference, for FlyBase.
I am writing in connection with your abstract:
'Premature glial migration disrupts axon pathfinding in the Drosophila
visual system.'
You mention a gene that is new to FlyBase, gish. Do you know which of the
Genome Project CG annotations your gene corresponds to? All the CGs
have corresponding gene records in FlyBase already and we don't like to
make duplicate records for what is actually the same gene unless we
can't avoid it. If your gene does not correspond to a CG then perhaps
you could tell me its map location, as this is valuable information for
the genome annotation project.
I am writing to you because the first author does not have an address
in FlyBase \- please feel free to pass my query on if there is someone
better placed to answer it.
Thank you for your help,
with best wishes,
From hummel@XXXX Wed Mar 14  17:12:29  2001
To: rd120@XXXX
Subject: Re: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10955
Dear Rachel,
Larry forwarded your question to me about the location of gilgamesh (gish).
gish encodes a casein kinase I gamma homologe (89B17-19), which corresponds
to CG6963.
Best wishes,
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