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Dobie, K., Karpen, G. (2001.4.18). Helping FlyBase: Scim genes. 
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From rd120@XXXX Wed Apr 18  16:16:04  2001
Envelope-to: rd120@XXXX
To: karpen@XXXX
Subject: Helping FlyBase: Scim genes
Hi Gary,
I'm writing to you about the new Scim genes in your paper (Dobie et
al.) in April's Genetics (Vol 157 number 4 page 1623). Table 3 lists
34 new genes.. Thing is \- I bet you know which CG genes at least some
of these 'new' Scim genes map to. I know that you appreciate how we
would prefer not to make new records for genes already represented by a
CG entry in FlyBase, so if you could send me the correspondences I
would be most grateful. The Scim-type names would override the CG
ones, which would become synonyms. Feel free to pass this mail on to
Kenneth if it is more reasonable for me to be asking him than you \- you
are corresponding author so you get it first!
all the best,
From karpen@XXXX Wed Apr 18  21:05:14  2001
To: Rachel Drysdale (Genetics) <rd120@XXXX>
Subject: Re: Helping FlyBase: Scim genes
Hi Rachel
This should do the trick.
Dr. Gary H. Karpen
Associate Professor
The Salk Institute
10010 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037
Ph: 858-453-4100 ext 1473
Fax: 858-622-0417
Email: karpen@XXXX
 Web:http: //
Dominant modifiers of J21A inheritance in novel loci
Line Dm CG# Function Hs Genes Function / Disorder
Scim4 12497 receptor LDLR lipoprotein receptor/familial hyperc.
13758 G protein
linked receptor CALCR calcitonin receptor/osteoporosis
Scim5 15816 unknown \-
Scim6 6999 unknown \-
Scim7 13238 unknown \-
Scim81 4004 unknown \-
Scim82 4004 unknown \-
Scim9 3587 unknown \-
Scim10 14438 unknown KIAA0760 OLF-1/EBF associated zinc finger
Scim11 1494 transporter ABCA4 Stargardt disease
Scim121 9894 unknown \-
Scim122 9894 unknown \-
Scim123 9894 unknown \-
Scim124 9894 unknown \-
Scim125 9894 unknown \-
Scim126 9894 unknown \-
Scim127 9894 unknown \-
Scim128 9894 unknown \-
Scim131 9892 transporter ABCG1 ATP-binding cassette transporter
Scim132 9892 transporter ABCG1 cholesterol & phospholipid transport
Scim141 13791 unknown \-
Scim142 13791 unknown \-
Scim151 4026 enzyme ITPKA cellular signalling
Scim152 4026 enzyme ITPKA cellular signalling
Scim16 13143 unknown \-
6187 unknown C18B11
Scim17 17745 unknown \-
Scim18 16798 unknown \-
Scim19 9241 unknown Cdc23(pombe) DNA replication
9242 enzyme GMPS catalyzes amination of XMP to GMP
Scim20 12110 enzyme PLD1 PC-specific activity (inc. mitosis)
8276 unknown \-
Scim21 9397 unknown \-
Scim22 3268 hom trans DKFZP564F013
Scim23 8709 DNA replication KIAA0249
Scim24 6751 unknown (WD40) TAFII100
7704(Med)transcription MADH4 Pancreatic and intestinal cancer
Scim25 8151 RNA pol II GTF2H1 Initiation of transcription
tran factor
13941 signal transduction ARC activity-regulated cytoskeleton
Scim26 13942 unknown \-
8603 motor/ AXPL
Scim27 10939 unknown SLC9A3R2 tyrosine kinase activator protein
Scim28 13438 unknown \-
Scim29 2852 chaperone PPIB cyclosporin A-mediated immunosup
13513 unknown \-
Scim30 17816 unknown \-
10092 arginine-tRNA \-
Scim31 4029 transcription WHN T-cell immunodeficiency, alopecia
Scim321 10120 malate ME1
Scim322 10120 malate ME1
Scim33 7682 unknown \-
7679 transporter ATP6N1A ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal
Scim34 5557 transcription ZNF45 zinc finger protein 45
Scim35 15690 unknown \-
17838 RNA binding protein HNRPR
Scim36 6295 enzyme PNLIP pancreatic lipase deficiency
Scim37 12425 unknown \-
cdc23 (S.pombe)
encodes a protein of 593 amino acids
cdc23 is essential for viability
22% overall identity and many structural homologies with DNA43 (MCM10) in
MCM10 is required for correct initiation of DNA synthesis at chromosomal
origins of replication
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